Attended Transfer beep on connect

So here is the scenario:

Person A calls into the company, and the receptionist answers the call. She determines that person A would like to speak to person B, she then starts an attended transfer (so she can see if person B is available), person B answers the call with “hello?” (as you do), the receptionist says “Hi, I have person A on the line, will you take the call?”, person B says “yes, sure”, so the receptionist then puts the phone down, or completes the transfer. Now in the mean while, person A has been listening to some nice hold music… and all of a sudden the hold music stops… person A just waits, as you would. On the other hand, person B just hears the line go silent, since he was just asked if he did in fact want to speak to person A… and so they both wait… quietly and in silence… until maybe one of them makes his seat squeak… “um… errr… helloooo?”

Total fail!!

How do I get it to beep, or something, when the call is connected from an attended transfer?


If anyone find this - there is a simple but effective non-technical workaround.

Rather then just pressing the “transfer” button to complete the attended transfer (say on a Yealink) press the “hold” key, so that your boss hears hold music - even if its for a moment… then press the transfer key to complete the transfer. The hold music stops for both parties the moment the transfer is completed, so you welcome to say your “helloooooo”! :smile: