Missing /dev/zap!


So I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about MeetMe and appConference. I have a working build where much of my testing has been done. I didn’t have zaptel/ztdummy setup as I wasnt using the MeetMe conf yet. I downloaded Zaptel 1.4, tested, compiled, ran and verified the module was loaded. I then rebooted and now I cannot seem to get the module to load again. Here is my environment:

This is a virtual server:

  • Ubuntu Server 8.10 Server
  • Kernel stock 2.6.27-11-server
  • Zaptel 1.4
  • Asterisk (and a different compiled version

Everything compiled clean with Zaptel. Did configure, make, make install, make config
I started the driver by /etc/init.d/zaptel start
lsmod showed both zaptel and ztdummy loaded
Ever since the reboot I cant get the module loaded again, anytime I try to run it i get:

Loading zaptel framework: .
Waiting for zap to come online…Error: missing /dev/zap!

I am running an IAX2 trunk, 2 SIP clients and no zaptel hardware. I know MeetMe requires ztdummy and on the 2.6 kernel doesnt require the usb module for timing. I also know the appConference doesnt need the ztdummy at all. Just need to test both of them out for a project I am working on. Any ideas? Thanks