I need to use a TA ISDN with chipset Winbond 6692.

This works fine with Hisax but chan_modem is not supported with Asterisk 1.2.1.

I try mISDN with SuSE 10 (kernel 2.6.13-15) and gcc4.

I recompile kernel activating mISDN in make menuconfig but mISDNuser do not compile because is not compatible with gcc4.

Therefore i use mqueue branch of mISDN but now mISDN subsystem does not appear in make menuconfig.

I tryed mISDN in normal branch (kernel compile fine) and mISDNuser in mqueue branch. This compile but Asterisk crash with Segmentation fault error.

I tryed install-misdn but in this way modprobe w6692pci return error (module not found). This script don’t recompile the kernel.

Please, help me.


See beronet.com/bugs/bug_view_pa … id=0000137

"Regarding Compilers:

  1. gcc-3.x in /usr/src/linux/Makefile <-- HOSTCC=gcc-3.x
  2. export CC=gcc-3.x ; cd /usr/src/install-misdn/ ; make install"

Good luck!