Asterisk 11 and chan_misdn


I am trying to compile asterisk with chan_misdn support but what I get after i run ./configure and make menuselect is the following

I have compiled the misdn using git but the isdnnet and suppserv cannot be found them with apt-cache.
I am using a debian wheezy on an embedded arm board.

OK, found out from the configure script of Asterisk that

isdnnet is ISDN4Linux
suppserv is mISDN supplemental services

How can I install these dependecies to enable chan_misdn in debian wheezy?
I have already installed succesfully the misdn packages.

It seems that the sources of chan_misdn that are included in asterisk 11 doesn’t support misdn v2.
Compiling misdn v1, made asterisk menuselect enable the chan_misdn channel option available.