Migrating to * via FXO gateway


Out situation:
60 locations with 2 major locations. On each of the two major locations is a Notel Meridian, each with an ISDN30 (E1) to the PSTN, and a trunk over IP between them. Total extensions about 500, and on a lot of locations direct PSTN lines, because we don’t have a lot of SIP licences for the Nortel (expensive).

We have a VPN on all 60 locations, with a special voice PVC reserved for VoIP, so data connectivity is good.

I want to introduce * into out company slowly to learn about * and to minimise user impact/outage etc. Starting with the remote locations that have now a direct PSTN line (expensive, and no short ext. nr).

To make changes on the existing Nortel Medrian we have to invest and be patient, becouse we can not do this changes ourselves. So I want to migrate to * with as little as possible changes to the existing PABX.

After reading some threaths about migrating from Medirian to * I’m planning to introduce * by connecting * to Meridian via Grandstream GXW4108’s. 1 or more for calls to medridian extensions, and some GXW’s for calls from Meridian extensions to * extensions. I want to connect * via KPN Voip connect (VoIP operator in Netherlands) to the PSTN.

Also I would like to know how feasable it is to use * as a 500+ extensions PABX. What kind of hardware i’m looking for ? Is * suitable for this size ?

Any advise would be greatly appriciated.



As soon as your existing PBX is SIP-capable you should think about SIP trunk as a primary connection method for Asterisk-PBX trunking.
As a second option you may use E1/ISDN for the same purpose, but you will have to invest into corresponding board for Asterisk.
And only as a last resort you should use analog lines for interconnection.

Just my 2 eurocents :wink:


I just received an offer for installing/configuring a SIP trunk from KPN (our dealer) 15k euro !!! And this is only for the migration, becourse we want to trow the Nortel thing out. A ISDN30 trunk would require a card in Asterisk, and one in the Nortel. Also an investment of 15k euro…

I ordered a Quintum AX800 ( 8-port FXO) to try them out. If it’s OK i’ll order an additional ax4800 (48-port).

I’ll let you guys know how it’ll work for us