Migrate from Nortel BCM200

My company is looking to replace a malfunctioning Nortel BCM 200 that connects to a PSTN trunk (four incoming lines that share a single phone number). We have 13 i2002 and 2 i2004 phones that connect to the BCM (I understand that those phones will need to be replaced with SIP-compatible units).

I’m somewhat new to telephony, and we’re interested in replacing the old BCM with an Asterisk Switchvox SOHO system. We want to continue to use the PSTN lines, without going to VOIP. What information am I going to require in order to migrate over to Asterisk? Will we require a special card to connect the Switchvox device to the PSTN trunk line? I need to know if it is realistic to make this move before we decide to step into the abyss.

Thanks for your input and advice.

You can use Asterisk for this, you need a card to connect your pstn lines to the Asterisk server, one like a Digium TDM410 with four fxo modules, see digium.com/en/products/analog/tdm410.php .


Marco Bruni

I just joined this forum because I am going through the same scenario! Well, almost. The difference is that I have a BCM400. Hope to stick around this community because our asterisks box is on its way :wink:

Plus two - It will be appreciated if you folks to could share your expertise with this deployment.