Integrating Nortel/Meridian X81 With Asterisk

Hi I have seen the ( article. This talks (very little) about this kind of integration. But it is not very specifik and I’m not able to understand if it is possible to do what I need to do.

I have a client that has Nortel-Meridian extension 81 in there company with 7 PRI. They want us to link it with an Asterisk to make calls to the VoIP. Does anyone have a success story on this? Is this possible?

PRI <=> Nortel/Meridian <=> Asterisk <=> Voip

Ofcourse the Nortel/Meridian is connected to very many phones that will not be touched, i.e. the Asterisk is just to be a Gateway to VoIP.

Greetings Tim.

I have a similiar situation. We have two PBX’s, one in our main office, and one in our Showroom (furniture business). I would like to use Asterisks to bridge the connections, so one office can call the other office via VOIP.

Ideally, I’d love to be able to use extensions in the 200 and 300 at the main office, and extensions in the 400 range at the showroom, and be able to call either location just by using the extension. If need be there could be another step (eg. pressing 8 for a line to the other office).

Does anyone know what equipment I would need to do this, and if in fact it would be possible?

A general descirption of the answer this question can be found here

I’ll post other resources as I come across them.