Migrate RingCentral To Asterisk


We are a company that wants to use Asterisk.
Actually, we are using RingCentral but we would like to make a migration from RingCentral to Asterisk.
Is it possible to make a migration from RingCentral to Asterisk?
We would like to have the same numbers of RingCentral in Asterisk

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You will need to find a new internet telephony service provider, then it looks like the following applies to have your number moved to that provider:

Note that the google search results include at least part of the procedure, but a direct access to the site, from a normal browser, results in a page saying you have to log in to find out how to do it. (If I were a potential customer, I may well want to know the answer in advance of getting an account!)

I hope you understand that you need someone to provide access from Asterisk to the PSTN, whether it is by analogue line, ISDN, or VoIP.


I suggest you ask RingCenter (“The Telephone Company”) for a Customer Service Record/Report (CSR) for your account. This should be a PDF that lists all of your phone numbers, account numbers, service addresses, etc. Don’t stop if the Tier I folks shrug it off.

Next, The Telephone Company may request a Letter Of Authorization (LOA). This is used to confirm whom at your company is in charge of making changes to the The Telephone Company account. If the person in charge is you, great; if not, then it becomes a non-technical problem for you to solve :slight_smile: along with potentially many more meetings.

While that wheel is turning, best to get back to the technical problems of where to run Asterisk, on-prem vs. cloud, what version, identifying all of your phone users, printing out every single web page from the The Telephone Company customer portal and putting it into a 3-ring binder, etc.

Please update the thread to let us know how it goes. And congratulations on making your first post and treading out into the Asterisk waters :rowing_man:

Is it possible to schedule a meeting with the support to get more informations thanks

I don’t think anyone here represents RingCentral.

Porting numbers is not something that is specific to Asterisk, and, in any case, this forum represents the open source community, not Sangoma, even if it turns out that Sangoma do sell general VoIP consultancy services.

I get the feeling that you think Asterisk is more than what it actually is.

More specifically, Asterisk is an open source telecommunications software toolkit. It can be used to build a phone system for example, but is not an out of the box product. It’s not a VoIP provider you can buy services from, or port numbers to.

I had contact the support of RingCentral and then they ask me to contact Asterisk support

So, ASTERISK is a OpenSource PBX (It’s just software), your Ring Central account is probably already using it :wink: However if you wish to move to a “Dedicated PBX” for your VoIP, www.freepbx.com can help, if you need help migrating (it’s too technically challenging, you are unfamiliar with Porting Telephone #'s you’ve never setup Asterisk or a PBX) then i suggest you find either a local Telephony specialist / consulting firm. I’ve been doing VoIP Migrations / PBX Installations for over 20 years, I’m sure others on this forum have as well. This way your business # are kept, and you have a smooth transition from Ring Central to whomever you choose (Sangoma, 3CX etc come to mind).


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