Asterisk answers Ringcentral number too soon


I have a client who has a ringcentral phone number that is being forwarded to a number that they have with another voip provider. When calling the ringcentral number, the client reaches a greeting message (configured in ringcentral) that then provides an option: dial 1 for sales, etc. Then, when that happens, the other end rings and receives a notification that a call is coming in from the ringcentral number and gives a prompt for how to accept the call. The problem is, this prompt is cut off so that you only hear (if you are lucky) about 2 seconds of the prompt. If you do not quickly accept the call by pressing 1, then the call goes to the ringcentral voicemail. It is as if asterisk is picking up the call before the actual extension picks up the phone.

Any idea how to solve this problem?


Can you please copy/paste the relavent part of extensions.conf (the part that handles incomming calls)?