Asterisk an alternative to Ringcentral or Grasshopper?

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New member here. Sorry if these questions has already been asked, but did a little searching the forums and nothing stood out.

I am trying to get a better understanding of what Asterisk can actually do. Can Asterisk do the same thing as or, where it assigns a phone number and I can setup extensions and users and an automated receptionist where it states press 1 for… press 2 for… press 3 for… and have voice mail boxes for each seperate extension, a main greeting message, transfer message, and voice mail message?

Also how is a phone number establish or assigned to Asterisk, how do you get the incoming calls to come to Asterisk?

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Asterisk can do all the things you mention. I don’t know what Ringcentral and Grasshopper can do.

You need t talk to the telephone service company (an ITSP if you want the calls to be presented as SIP, or the normal PSTN operator if you want analogue or ISDN presentation). Asterisk doesn’t support the reception of the dialled number on analogue lines,.

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