MIgartion of 1.2 base code to 1,4 basecode and realtionship

Dera fellows,
I am using the last version ot he 1.2 base code for my astersik PBX. it has IAX suport , so I have configures both point withtheir own extensions and such.
I have bee reading the comments posted by the community regarding the implementation of the Asterisk NOW, and all the efforts done by many, as well as expecting or “waiting” for the process to be mature enough to see if we can have a clearly stable version that provides a GUI for administration of the Asterisk platform.

As i see at this moment ( and out of the need to make another site available), What is the procedure to migrate the Asterisk 1.2 code to thew 1.4, AND, i assume that i can install the Asterisk NOW to be integrated or “connected” to an 1.2 version.

I am using the X-lite softphone for all my SIP extensions (about 48 at this moment) as well as analog line on each POP. ( I usually install the Digium card model Wildcard TDM11B on each of the SOHO boxes.

Is it advisable to isntall the Aserisk NOW version, is it reliable enough for production operation?
The only advantage that i see is the GUI interface to administer the box

your comments a re grealty appreacitted

Victor H. Rocha

You can connect an Asterisk 1.2 box to a 1.4 box via IAX w/o any issues. The two ends of IAX don’t really care what the other is running.

Sip, Zaptel, Etc are all more or less the same. They have more features, but work basically the same as they did before. I just switched our office from Asterisk 1.2 to 1.4 (different boxes) with little side effects. I have a few strange issues playing MP3 files over Sip, but I’m not sure where that problem is comming from. Otherwise I belive Asterisk 1.4 is better than 1.2.