IAX2 to SIP Conversion?

I have a business need to maintain backward compatibility with IAX2 software that does not support SIP. Recently, my VOIP provider stopped supporting IAX2.

Does anyone have a solution for taking IAX2 traffic and converting it to SIP?

I have attempted to build iaxproxy on the latest Ubuntu LTS, but the build fails. Some googling tells me that the cause is that old versions of the asterisk libs do not build under the latest gcc.

Has anyone had any experience dealing with this issue? Is there a quick solution that will allow me to get things up and running again?


Why not use Asterisk? It’s a B2BUA; it’s the defacto standard for IAX2; and converting from one protocol to another is its bread and butter.

Thanks for the quick response, mjordan!

I have never used Asterisk myself…I’m just trying to make this software work. Is there a guide you could link to that would allow me to connect to an Asterisk box with this IAX2 software and have Asterisk squirt that connection over SIP to the provider?

Your best bet would be to check out Asterisk: The Definitive Guide. While the site I linked it slightly out of date and covers an older version of Asterisk, the information in it is still relevant and would allow you to set up Asterisk as a B2BUA for IAX/SIP communication.