Current Installation Info for version asterisk 1.4

Is there any single place to find the installation instructions for Asterisk/zaptel/libpri/iax etc?

including MOH and sound files?

all the books and commentary seems to be from 2005, pre version 1.2 or certainly pre 1.4.

Everytime I get started, I have to stop because I get to someplace where I have no answers.

Most recently the ‘future of telephony’ book says one thing about how to do sounds and says something different, but it’s not complete enough to be sure, for sure, what’s going on.

So, again, is there anywere that a complete set of instructions exist? if not, what’s the three sources that might get me the furthest?



Kimball Johnson

If you are just learning and looking for experience then probably best to leave 1.4 alone and go with an earlier 1.2 version and pretend the GUIs and other fancy things do not exist yet. While as we speak someone is probably rushing to fill the informational void you speak of, in the meantime this board and voip-info remain excellent sources of information relating to 1.2. Get some experience, and at the point you feel comfortable go for it on 1.4. That’s the route most of us took, and given that experience will be able to relate to the issues you encounter. Good luck and hang in there!