To upgrade to 1.4x or not?

I have a 1.2.x system working great. But, in keeping up with the state of technology, is it recommended yet to upgrade to the 1.4.x series. Yes, I know Digium and all promote the upgrade, but I would like to hear from the users in the trenches, is 1.4.x stable and enough better to spend the time upgrading? It appears from browsing the UPGRADE.txt file that it will be a major task since the dial plan will need to be pretty much recreated. Argh…

From my experience, at the moment, 1.4.x is not suitable for my need. Example, in 1.4, you can’t park the same call two times, and this is critical for the kind of client I have. I posted that as a bug and they told me it will be fixed for 1.6 only.

Depends. I found the call quality significantly better.


If it ain’t broke don’t fk with it.
Keep It Simple Stupid.

There are probably a lifetimes worth of proverbs to handle your situation.

My experience with 1.4 is that it’s not worth the heartache. I’ve had problems with mISDN, Zaptel, the beta asterisk-gui. This isn’t to say they’re not great products, it’s just that there were less headaches in 1.2 prior to a lot of changes.

You’re coming in quite late on the 1.4 take up. Wait til 1.6. You won’t be missing much if hang out. 1.2 works great :smile: