Asterisk 1.8 free pbx/audiocodes 114 FXO

im running asterisk 1.8 free pbx/audiocodes 114 FXO. but no luck between freepbx and audiocodes I’ve tried every possible tutorial on line but no luck. I’m new to the sip world, any help or tutorials that you can spare would be great. im trying to run asterisk through a Siemens Hipath 4000 using 4 analog lines one for each sip extension i have created.



You’re creating sip trunks to the Audiocodes? What kind of bad luck is going on?

i have no idea weather the configs are right. things are not working, not sure if its the freepbx/trixbox or the audiocodes configs. what info do you need from me to get started with my problems.


Someone w/ FreePBX experience and Audiocodes experience is going to have to chime in. I can help with Asterisk, but that’s not the front-end of what’s in play here.

Anyone out there?

yes anyone out there please help.

trying to keep this alive.