Menuselect: dependencies problem

Hi all,
I’m trying to install asterisk using O`rielly’s book. while compiling asterisk,in the menu select part, I found out that some of modules can’t be build because of dependencies. is it critical to install all the dependencies before continuing the installation? or can I just do it after installing asterisk? (i found installing them very hard cause I don’t know the which packets to install :blush: )

The term “dependencies” is a bit of a clue, It meand to install Asterisk is dependant on them

SO you need to install them first to get asterisk to compile


well then, how can I find these packages? for example I have this module on applications part :

XXX 41. app_osplookup

and the description is:

Open Settlement Protocol Applications
Depends on: osptk(E), ssl(E)

I searched internet and I found this package: osptk-devel but when I try to yum it, it says there is no such a package.
I run this command too :
yum search osp

and the result was this:

iptraf.i386 : A console-based network monitoring utility.
quagga.i386 : Routing daemon
quagga-devel.i386 : Header and object files for quagga development

but I couldn’t undrestand which one to install.

You don’t need to build the modules that have failed dependencies, but you will not then be able to use them.

i got it :wink: but because I don’t know which menu will be needed in the future (cause I’m fallowing the book) I need a way to find out how can I install all the dependencies needed. and more important how can I understand which package includes those dependencies.

menuselect reads an XML file to tell it the dependencies, but, I’d just use the defaults until you actually find a problem.

thank you so much. :smiley: