Cannot Select Motif and XMPP from MenuSelect

I am confused by the menuselect screen during the Asterisk installation. I can see motif and xmpp in the menuselect screen, but I am unable to select them like the other options. Those two options in particular have 3 x’s next to the name, whereas other options have an asterisk that I can select or deselect. Does the newest versions of Asterisk now install motif and xmpp by default or am I just out of luck on this?

Your server doesn’t meet the dependencies for those modules. When you select those items you see in the bottom left the required packages.

Well, duh. I feel really stupid right now. That could not have been more obvious. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

If running CentOS 6

rpm -Uvh … noarch.rpm
yum install iksemel-devel

That should take care of the dependency.