Asterisk 13 saying I have a missing package

Hey everyone,
I am in the process of compiling Asterisk 13 and it has been quite painful. I have slowly worked through many compiler warning, but I am now stuck at the following error:

configure: *** The Asterisk menuselect tool requires the ‘libxml2’ development package.
configure: *** Please install the ‘libxml2’ development package.

I have already installed the libxml2-dev package from Ubuntu, is there another package Asterisk needs? My libxml2-dev version is

What version of Ubuntu are you using? There is actually a script in contrib/scripts called install_prereq which will automatically install all of the required dependencies to build.


That’s very useful, thank you. I got some issues downloading the packages because I think my atp-get source list is outdated. So an old version of libxml2 that I’m using could very well be the problem. I’ll look into this now, thanks for the quick reply.

moved libxml2-2.9.4/include/libxml from build_dir to staging_dir/host/include

Maybe related, but I also changed asterisk-13.x/Makefile line “#PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=libxml2/host” to “PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=/home/securepro/Documents/barrier_breaker/feeds/telephony/libs/libxml2”