Requirements for meetme application to work

I am trying to use “MeetMe” application but asterisk doesnt show it in the list of applications when I do an “show applications”.I dont have a Zaptel timer or any other hardware as such .Can some one help me telling me the requirements for MEetme application to work.


A search of the forum and/or release notes would have told you that you need a zaptel/dahdi timing source for Meetme to work.


Can you refer me where in the release docs do you find that message because I couldn’t find any

Thanks for the reply Can you give me the details of the zaptel Timmer do I need any hardware or is it a software download I need to do?

All you need to do is compile install either the Zaptel or DAHDI packages. If no hardware is detected on your system they will load the ztdummy or dahdidummy driver to provide timing sources to asterisk.

I am not sure of the performance difference between an actual time and a dummy timer, but I haven’t had any problems with the dummy.

Taken from the source

[quote]“User can exit the conference by hangup, or if the ‘p’ option is specified, by pressing ‘#’.\n”
“Please note: The Zaptel kernel modules and at least one hardware driver (or ztdummy)\n”
" must be present for conferencing to operate properly. In addition, the chan_zap\n"
" channel driver must be loaded for the ‘i’ and ‘r’ options to operate at all.\n\n"

Havent got time to go through the docs but, its mentioned here often and in all other forums.


Thanks for the replies I have done a Zaptel install (for ZTDummy) and my conference application works fine I have a problem with redirect It always gives a timeout can some one help me?

sure provide some more details…

Hi All, I have installed Astrisk in my RHEL5.3 system by compiling asterisk-1.6.1+dahdi-linux-complete2.1.0+asterisk-addons-1.6.0+asterisk-sounds-1.2.1+libri1.4.10 with Postgresql as ODBC for ARA(Asterisk Realtime Architecture) Dynamic method.
calls between sip users which was configured in extensions_table are working fine, and CDR’s are getting stored in cdr table, when calling to conference number where MeetMe was used in the DialPlan, call getting Hangup with out any announcement for entering the pin etc.,
Asterisk log showing the below message.
WARNING[21436]: app_meetme.c:864 build_conf: Unable to open pseudo device

I have not installed any hardware for DAHDI.

Thanks in Advance.

check to ensure you have a /etc/asterisk/dahdi.conf present. Even if you have the dahdidummy driver loaded, if you don’t have at least the default config asterisk won’t load the pseudo device.

For Meetme to work , you have to install ztdummy zaptel module and meetme applicationin in asterisk.
For zaptel and asterisk instaaltion follow following steps

Zaptel Installation:
./install_prereq test
make menuselect
– select ztdummy in modules
make clean
make install
make config

Asterisk installation:-
make menuselect
– make sure meetme is selected in applications
make install
make samples

Hope this works
Adnan Raza

dahdi.conf file is present and below are the details in the file.


Thanks in Advance.

[quote]For Meetme to work , you have to install ztdummy zaptel module and meetme applicationin in asterisk.

I have configured Asterisk with Dahdi not with the Zaptel, any way thanks for the reply.

Sorry to gatecrash this post but I am having trouble with Dahdi_dummy. I don’t have a dahdi card so I am trying to use the dadhi_dummy driver.

OS Centos 4
Asterisk under /usr/local/asterisk as user asterisk

dahdi_dummy is loaded: i.e.

[root@phone1 ~]# lsmod | grep dahdi
dahdi_dummy 9384 0
dahdi 190728 5 dahdi_dummy
crc_ccitt 6337 1 dahdi

/dev/dahdi/pseudo is there
[root@phone1 ~]# ls -l /dev/dahdi/pseudo
crw-rw---- 1 root root 196, 255 Jun 30 16:06 /dev/dahdi/pseudo

It makes no difference if /dev/dahdi/pseudo is owned by asterisk or root.

dadhi dummy has a good status

[root@phone1 ~]# service dahdi status

Span 1: DAHDI_DUMMY/1 “DAHDI_DUMMY/1 (source: RTC) 1” (MASTER)

app_meetme is loaded
phone_*CLI> module show like meetme
Module Description Use Count MeetMe conference bridge 0

dahdi_test results look good
Opened pseudo dahdi interface, measuring accuracy…
99.966% 99.933% 99.968% 99.967% 99.937% 99.967% 99.938% 99.967%
99.938% 99.969% 99.967% 99.937% 99.967% 99.937% 99.967% 99.937%
— Results after 16 passes —
Best: 99.969 – Worst: 99.933 – Average: 99.953918, Difference: 99.990674

as does dahdi_scan
[root@phone1 dahdi]# dahdi_scan
description=DAHDI_DUMMY/1 (source: RTC) 1
devicetype=DAHDI Dummy Timing

dmesg | grep dahdi

dahdi: Telephony Interface Registered on major 196
dahdi: Version:
dahdi_dummy: RTC rate is 1024
dahdi: Registered tone zone 4 (United Kingdom)

but when I try and make a call to the meetme number

[2009-07-02 13:20:17] WARNING[3683]: app_meetme.c:861 build_conf: Unable to open pseudo device

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.