Conference Calls w/

I’m running Asterisk- on FreeBSD-8.0-amd64. It’s been a while since I installed and configured * and there seems to have been several changes. For one, I no longer have a X101P card which means I don’t have a timing device. Before I ran * without a card using ztdummy. But is appears that zaptel is not compatible with dahdi and I have dahdi installed on this server. Is there a way to run the meetme functions without ztdummy or a card for timing?

You can use dahdi_dummy.

Also, somewhere in the 1.6.x range, code was added that allows one to do away with such timing sources entirely. It’s on our list to try this (it should be on up - I’m not sure about 1.6.0…), but we haven’t done so yet.

Ooop, excuse my forgetfullness…I forgot one important equation…

dahdi = zt

turns out that dahdi_dummy.ko was the module I needed to kldload and now all is well. It would be cool that if in the future releases this was not needed. When the FreeBSD port diverted from zaptel to dahdi I lost the use of my old X101P card. And now that I got rid of my POTS line in favor of a much less expensive VOIP from Comcast I don’t need Asterisk at all for my home. But I just can’t stop playing and testing with it so away we go again…!