Sending inbound/outbound calls through disparate trunks

Our trunk provider offers unlimited (as opposed to per-minute) trunks and we currently are using their per-minute trunks. We use Asterisk for our PBX and I’m curious if it’s possible (or even standard practice) to send outbound calls over one trunk and inbound calls over another or vice versa? I’m not asking necessarily for someone to walk me through it :stuck_out_tongue: , just if it’s possible and if anyone could possibly point me in the direction of documentation that would cover it. We’re trying to see if we can save on costs by directing the higher per-minute stuff over an unlimited trunk and reduce our per-minute costs. Thanks for any info

This is not the support forum.

It is possible to configure Asterisk (in fact it is the default) to accept calls from arbitrary IP addresses, but you always have to specify explicit outbound relays, so it should be clear that it is possible.

Basically, you only even specify the outbound routing, so there is nothing to do to allow different inbound routing (well, you might need to select appropriate contexts, but if the routes are sufficiently equivalent, they can all have the same context).

Incidentally, Asterisk doesn’t have trunks and extensions, in only has SIP peers to which it does and doesn’t send additional routing digits.