Hello, I am istalling Asterisk for the fist time.

I did it with apt-get install asterisk on a mint machine

I am trying to do the first time configuration, but I am kind of lost.

I am trying to test it using Asterisk Web Manager, I know (or at least think) that I need to set up a user in order to use asterisk.

I am trying to add an entry in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf after reading this:

[quote]To interface with the Asterisk Manager a login userid and password is necessary.
You will need to supply that in the /etc/asterisk/manager.conf file[/quote]

I go there but the README.conf says:

I found this post:

Where a ready conf file is proposed, but it is not implemented in my install.

My final intention is to use asterisk with drupal, I am asked there for the "Asterisk server password: " and I guess it is the same thing they are asking for.

So, any guidance in this?

Where is this manager.txt file?

Am I in the right path?

Best regards and thanks for any help,

make samples sets up the sample configuration, but you can also find them in the configs sub-directory of the source tree. The doc file is also in the source tree.

Thanks for the info, I did find some of the files, but I had a problem with the installation, I will reinstall everything and let you know how I did.

Best regards,

So, I found this users.conf under /etc/asterisk

I understand that I should add an entry in this file or create a new file.

Should I put it under /etc/asterisk/manager.d/users.conf ?

I want to give access to my browser, since I will be using asterisk for Drupal.

Should I create an entry for www-data which is the user for firefox?

Or may I create users with any name I want?

My drupal install is asking for a password in asterisk, is this the vmsecret?

Thank you very much.

Asterisk only knows about /etc/asterisk. Any other directory use is chosen by you or your GUI.

Thanks for the info, so, I have this file: /etc/asterisk/users.cof

I suppose this is where I setup my users right?

May I add an entry like this:

fullname = Felipe
email =
secret = nnotecom223toc
hasvoicemail = yes
vmsecret = 1234455oe.33

What does the 6001 means?

I am really lost here, I still have no idea what will I do with this users after I create them or how to make a call.

We are trying with AsteriskNow to see if I can get it working.

Thanks for any help.