Making Inbound & Outbound call using Asterisk PBX

hello guys,
I’m trying to implement a communication between client SIP and PSTN, but i’m not idea how to configure the asterisk.
I tried different configuration but not working.
Is need the Asterisk connect the other server ?
Add me for conversation in Skype “hamphiterus”.
Best Regards.

I’ve read this book, but the settings did not work.
Is there any tutorial to help me?

thank for your attention.

No. You have to understand what the setting mean and adapt them for your specific environment.

I tried to implement one system to communicate between one sip Client “zoiper” and to PSTN, but the phone is not connect in the same area. My server Asterisk is in the Greece. But my phone is in Portugal.
My question, this is possivel ?
My configurations working in communications between two clients SIP, and communications between client WebRTC e SIP.