Remote communication via Asterisk


I am an Electronic Engineer and I have basic knowledge about Asterisk. Right now, I’m working with a project where I have to use a SIP softphone client named “PJSUA” from PJSIP installed in my Desktop also I have installed Asterisk 11 in my Desktop. On the other hand another SIP softphone client will be installed in a second Destop. I managed to register the two SIP clients in my Asterisk locally and I have initiated an audio& video call between the two SIP applications with my local network. Now, I would like to establish a remote audio&video call between the two sip clients by Asterisk) (The SIP client1 and Asterisk are installed in my Desktop) and the SIP client2 will be installed in an other Desktop externally. Is this possible to make this remote communication between the two sip clients via Asterisk? If yes, I think that I have to register with a SIP provider is that right? Can anyone could guide me for the right configuration in “sip.conf” and “extension.conf” to make this communication.

I hope that I have well explained my issue for you.

Thanks in advance,

You already configured your extensions.conf and your sip.conf, the next step is to open ports in order to asterisk can be visible for the rest of the world(not recommended at all) or setup a VPN in the asterisk server, then the remote phone will connect to that VPN. Remote phone can use one of the current sip devices in sip.conf.

You will tweak a little the sip.conf with the localnet and externaddr.

You only need an ITSP if you want to interconnect with the PSTN and don’t want to do so locally.