Calling from PSTN to SIP clients by GoIP and Asterisk

Welcome. Im new in Asterisk and dont known a lot o things. I home somebody help me and answer on my question. I will be grateful.

So, what is my goal? I want from PSTN by my easy phone goip and asterisk calling to sip clients and vice versa.

PSTN -> GoIP -> Asterisk -> SIP clients.

What I do before:

  1. Install asterisk (v 13.12.1)
  2. Configure my goip (easy phone).
  3. Create sip clients.
  4. Configure trunk between asterisk and goip.
  5. Configure outbound rule

My configuration:

When I calling on my goip nothing happens and dont know why. Im trying all of thike for example:

Is something what I did wrong, but dont know what. I will be grateful for help.