Connect PSTN to Asterisk with SP3102

Hello to the community from a new user of Asterisk! I live in Greece.
I’ve installed asterisk 1.4.4 and i have bought Linksys SP-3102 in order to connect the PSTN network(i don’t connect to any voip provider, just in the PSTN network of greece(that is to say O.T.E.) and be able to make outbound calls(and receive calls from the outside,of course). Today i got confused! I don’t know what to configure to get this…I need to make a dialplan? Where?(in the sip server,asterisk? or in sp3102?). How can i “tell” asterisk to drive the outbound calls to the ip of sp3102? A lot of questions… If anyone has time, i need some guidance where to go,what to do and what i should read…

P.S. Did i buy the right hardware(SP-3102) for the job that i want to do? (I know about the digium pci cards(with FXO), but the reasons i didn’t buy one are the waiting of delivery(i live in Greece) and secondly i want to give a try asterisk on imac(so, there is no pci slot here!)

Thanks in advance… be in touch from now on