Make tdm400 wait for second REAL ring to answer

We have a office with a limited number of lines. One person needs to call a system for our payroll every week and it calls us back to allow for updates.

I’ve placed a modem on this line in parrallel to the phone system. It will answer the phone on the first ring. The problem is that Asterisk also see’s the ring and will then also answer the phone causing a modem issue and it drops the call.

What I need to do is find a way to tell Asterisk and the zaptel driver to only pick up the line if the line has RANG twice.

Can I do this? Right now we run back and unplug the line from the system when we need to do this but that is a pain…

Another idea I had was is there a way to only say a line is for outbound calls only? So if it rings it just ignores it? This line is not a part of a hunt group so it would NOT normally ring anyway.

in zapata.conf figure out what context that port is in

then do
exten => s,1,Wait(6)
exten => s,2,Answer()
blah blah blah

when the call comes in it will start executing the context at 1, which starts by waitin 6 seconds (more than enough time). If it’s still ringing, it answers

alternatively make a blank context and use zapata.conf to put that channel in the blank context, since there is nothing to do when a call comes it it will not be answered

hoep that helps

It is doing EXACTLY what I need it to do now.

Ok Spoke to soon. It still happens. Infact doing a wait of any given time only delays the pickup and processing NOT waiting for the second ring to be generated.

try increasing the timeout… either that or do the context thing to make it not answer at all

I’ve increased the timeout from 6 seconds to as many as 120 seconds (that makes it even worse). It seems like it has already answered the line before it starts doing the wait. You can see it in the FOP. In fact if you called it and used the keypad it seems to be listening for tone while waiting so I could even dial a extension. Which also seems to happen as a modem will generate several tone busts and it trys to translate something and then goes into extension dialing mode.