Wait before asterisk get the call from second fxo line

I have pci with 2 fxo lines, i want asterisk answer the first line immediately like know, but the second line from fxo wait for 5 rings before doing anything. That way if someone picks the line before the 5 rings, asterisk won’t do anything because when someone picks the line with a regular phone it stops ringing so asterisk should think the caller hung.


Asterisk isn’t the thing providing ring-back to the far-end. You can use the Wait() application, but it deals in time, not in rings.


Thank you for your response.
But how can do the setting? Where to add the confing to wait in fille extensions.conf or in dahdi_channels.conf?
And how to add in olny secont line of fxo?


Type “core show application wait” at the CLI for details.

thank you , i will try it

With this confing working for dahdi 1 and dahdi 2 together.
Not only for dahdi 2 that i wont.

exten => s,1,Wait(15)
exten => s,2,Answer()

You need to use different contexts for the two lines.