Make call to US number


How to make a call to US number from my asterisk server using sip configuration. please help anyone

You would need to sign up with an ITSP and then configure Asterisk with the credentials and details to use them. Have you done so?

I would suggest to go through this first.

This one is based on old version of Asterisk but would help you clear the concept,

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thanks for your reply,if I want to call my phone number without sip details is it possible?

Thanks for your help

You will need to connect to the PSTN directly, using an analogue card and standard phone service, or a T1/E1 card and a digital phone service.

There is no magic way of calling a landline without the help of an intermediary and most or all intermediaries will need to be paid, as part of their business model.

For more than basic use, you need to connect with the PSTN using ISDN, which means either using a T1/E1 card and services from your local telephone company, or, in practice, using a SIP service provider, who will then interface using ISDN. Analogue lines cannot signal call answer and call completion adequately.

Assuming that you have a SIP trunk set up, an easy way to do this is with a “call file”. There is a magic directory that Asterisk looks at. When an appropriately formatted file appears in that directory, Asterisk will make a call. In my system,
the magic directory is /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing. Just google “asterisk call file”. The call file can specify which connection to use, and you can also have it call you at the connection you specify first.
The call file needs to be created atomically - Asterisk will glom onto any partial file in that directory and do something you don’t want. I did it with hard links. I created the file in /var/spool/asterisk, did a hard link to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/, and then deleted the file in /var/spool/asterisk.
Asterisk gets the call file very fast. On my system, there is no noticeable delay between creating the call and hearing my phone ring.

ok thanks,is there any api in asterisk to make a call ? please help

The Dial application.

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please tell which dial application?

There is only one Dial application. That’s so basic to Asterisk that you need to do some study first.

did you mean dialplan configuration?

There’s the Manager API, It can Originate calls.

You can also use ARI to place a call.


is this possible to post the call answered time when the call is answered once to api.

how to configure the dialplan for post the events.please help any one