How to call to my phone number?

hey ,
i am using magnus billings and astrisk and astrisk rest api
i got my sip trunk from my provider and added to trunk group and able to successfully make a call to my physical phone number
through new user and login in soft phone

my question is how to make call using astrisk cli or ari to my physical phone number
i am not able to make call out side of astrisk just calls are creating between 100 to 101
thats it

goal is : to make call using astrisk ari or cli to my local phone not any asterisk endpoint user through sip trunk that i got from proovider
a help will be apricated
i am a beginner so might be not able to fuly explain my problem , please drop ur query where i lost u :slight_smile:

chan_sip is no longer supported. Please move to chan_pjsip.

I would suggest getting this working with a normal call through the dialplan, rather than going straight to third party control. Once you have a normal call working, it should be easy to adapt to third party control.

Note that you can’t have both app and extension/contect/priority.

Note I would use AMI or call files for this, so I’m not familiar with the details of using ARI, but the above guidance should still be valid. It is valid for CLI use.

well brother i was trying my whole day in it i make something out then i have an idea
to make direct call via sip trunk
and what it ringed to my phone

i have a question may u can help
what are these number known to be or

but the i am having still problem in build while making call directly from sip trunk
i am not able to get status of channels like ringing , answered , hanged . like i get earlier by creating a sip user in magnus billing astrisk and using it with softphone

ringinng status when called maked by a normal sip user

status when picked

so the question changed slight lil bit now how to make call from astrisk sip user to my sip trunk to my phone (physical)

this is a verbose log on how whats happening when i am making a call using softphone

The normal answer to doing complex originates is to originate to a local channel, and have that dial the final destination.