Asterisk Callback

hi all!

just a quick question: is it possible to setup asterisk to do just callback? without any billing software onto of it? how would i go about doing that?

thanks in advance!

You have to have access number.
When call comes there - you should grab caller ID, hangup without answer, generate call file and your call beck system is ready.

really? i have an access number, but would like to use simply asterisk as the callback. where would i start? i think i’ll need to use the sip.con file file for sure, because from my limited understanding of asterisk, it seems i have to work on some sort of dialplan?

thanks for the reply!

Yes - you should work with dialplan, may be with AGI - to create call file.
Main idea is:

  1. Grab CallerID (number)
  2. Create call file to dial back and after call is answered you should end in some extension - where you should either directly dial some target number or prompt user for digits.
    Dialplan is in extensions.conf not sip.conf