Lost inbound call answering

I installed Asterisk several weeks ago and all was well. I got tired of changing all the configuration files so I installed the GUI and got things successfully configured once again and all was well. I have both SIP extensions and a TDM400P with 2 FXO and 2 FXS channels.

Ready to go live with the configuration, I needed to make one change and that was to separate the two analog ports into two separate providers. So I edited the provider list and added another provider. I then reworked the incoming line configuration so that each line had its own rules. However, in the provider list I now had a multiple repeating lines in the drop down. Every time I removed and then added in a provider, it showed up multiple times in the list.

The only other thing that changed was I had to reboot the machine because of a power outage (may or may not be relevant). So, here are the questions:

Running Asterisk 1.4.11

  1. Is there a way to test the zaptel driver and see that it is properly loaded? /sbin/ztcfg -vv shows that two channels are configured but is there a way to have the channels indicate they are receiving ringing signals?

  2. I have seen several references to zap show channels in the CLI. But when I start asterisk with -r switch to see the CLI and enter ‘zap show channels’ I get and error saying “No such command”. Should that command work?

  3. Do I need to load zaptel drivers manually or will they automatically load when I start Asterisk?

  4. Where do I start the diagnostics? When I connect a phone to the lines connected to the FXO ports, the phone does ring so I know the lines are “live”.

I can’t figure out what could have happened to the configuration since I had the lines answering before making the change and rebooting the machine. Any suggestions?



I hate it when I have to answer my own questions but this took a while and I have seen plenty of folks viewing. No one answering.

The fix, overall, was to recompile the zaptel module and then recompile Asterisk. I also ran genzaptelconf and made some changes to the zapata.conf file simplifying the entries. That seemed to get things going again.

Item 1. Never really got an answer to this. There must be some simple way to test that the lines are responding to rings.

Item 2. zap show xxxxxxxx seems to not only deprecated but eliminated in Asterisk 1.4.xx

Item 3. The drivers automatically load when you boot.

Item 4. Never found anything. It would be a nice feature if Asterisk had a zaptel test command or something that would affirm that zaptel was installed, operating and receiving rings.

All is well again and finally everything is working (it would have been nice to get some help though…)