FXO Channel Problem

hi to all,
I’ve been playing around asterisk in about one & half week, now I’ve configured the Zap channel (FXO)
All the configuration files are working correctly but still my asterisk server is unable to answer the incoming call.
Here are all my configurations files, I hope this would help

[color=red];configuring FXO channel[/color]
[color=green] /etc/zaptel.conf/ [/color]

[color=green] /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf[/color]
context=incoming ; Incoming calls go to [incoming] in extensions.conf
signalling=fxs_ks ; Use FXS signalling for an FXO channel
channel=>1 ; PSTN attached to port 1

;Here is very basic dialplan
[color=green] /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf/[/color]

[color=darkred]The output of ‘ztcfg -vv’ tool is as below
Zaptel Configuration

Channel map:
Channel 01: FXS Kewlstart (Default) (Slaves: 01)
1 channels configured.

The Zttool has verify the hardware status

OK Wildcard X101P Board 1 [/color]

I’ve plugged the PSTN line into my FXO port but when I dail my number from external phone, it bypass my Asterisk server, and Asterisk is unable to respond.
Any Help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Can you call out?

with asterisk or with out asterisk?
with Asterisk I think it needs FXS channel to be configured (Which I don’t have now)
and yes even If my server is running in CLI mode I can still place calls from my telephone in traditional ways. which I don’t want at all.

In your extensions.conf file put the following:

include => incoming

Restart the system and give it a try.

Yeah I did change my extensions.conf file accordingly but it still won’t work.
any other suggestion please. :confused:
Best Regards!
Numan Khan

The best advice I can give is to get a real TDM card. Wildcard FXO is no longer supported by the Zaptel drivers.

Get a card such as this one.

voipsupply.com/product_info. … cts_id=291