Looking for a remote consultant to setup Asterisk

I was going to setup an Asterisk installation, but I just don’t have the time. Do you know of someone who can set it up remotely? Here are my needs. Please respond via PM.

We’ve been using Packet8’s VirtualOffice service for about 6 months and realized that VoIP (over the Internet) is not quite ready for business-class phone conversations. Aside from their outages, we do experience slurred words and dropped calls - things that are not acceptable when speaking with customers. So, I want to use Asterisk more as a PBX server; the VoIP will only be used internally across the LAN - from the PBX to the phones; all inbound and outbound calls from the PBX will be over mulitple Verizon (POTS) lines.

We currently have DTA310’s and Aastra 390’s that we bought from Packet8. Ideally, we’d like to use these. There are firmware updates out there for the DTA310 that “free” it from Packet8.

This is the Asterisk PBX that I need built:

  1. Auto Attendant - we’ll record a message with instructions
  2. Ring groups: Sales
  3. If none of the extensions on the Ring Group picks up within 10 seconds , then the call should be forwarded to an external phone number (our answering service)
  4. ACD (call distribution and queuing): If someone wants to reach Support, then the call should get queued during business hours; afterwards, it should forward to an external number (answering service).
  5. If someone keys in an individual extension number and the call isn’t picked up within 10 seconds, then it goes to that person’s voicemail
  6. Main menu: “0” for Operator -> goes to the “All” ring group; “1” for Sales -> Sales ring group, “2” for Support -> Support ring group, “9” for Dial by last name, “8” for Company Directory
  7. Caller ID
  8. Ability to check voicemail from external phones
  9. Transfer calls to other extensions and external phone numbers
  10. Phone conferences between multiple extensions and external phone numbers (lines permitting)
  11. Is there a way to display the number/line being called to (not the caller’s ID, but the number that they dialed)? For example, if someone calls our phone number 555-555-1212 vs. 555-555-1313, can we display that (or some other custom text) as well on the Aastra 390 phones? Or, even better, can we display a text field? The reason is that we want to offer customer support for multiple companies and need to know which number was called so that we can answer the phone correctly: “Thank you for calling ABC Company” or “Thank you for calling XYZ Company”.
  12. Is it possible to display the menu selection number on the phone’s LCD?
  13. Email the voicemail as an attachment to the user
  14. Forward an extension to an external phone number - right away and/or after x seconds?
  15. Install Asterisk Management Portal ( amp.coalescentsystems.ca/ )
  16. Install Flash Operator Panel ( asternic.org/ )

Is this all doable? If so, how much would you quote for your labor? What additional equipment would we need for this? I already have a Dell PC (SC420) with Fedora Core 3 installed. And, I also bought a Digium TDM04B card … I was hoping to have the time to build it myself, but I need to focus on running the business and haven’t been able to spend any time on it yet.

Please PM with your estimated fee.

I’m very intristing how much service like this can cost? Anybody?

Ill do that for about 1900 USD.
Except for the video thing ( i´ve never dealed with it), and the number to where the customer dial (wich should be posible), everything its posible and i´ve sold 3 asterisk with that kind of options, all that is missing is the number of extensions, and the number and type of your trunks (fxo, or E1/T1) so i can tell you what else would you need, (besides a broadband).

if you want to know more