Home setup/hardware questions

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking for a while now, trying to determine if Asterisk can do all the things I’d like to be able to do. I think a basic Asterisk@Home setup can do almost everything I want, but I just thought I’d ask if anyone has suggestions before going ahead and ordering the hardware (Linksys SPA3102). For what it’s worth, I have a fixed IP address split by a firewall/router to 5 machines, one of which is a BSD box running apache, exim and bind. What I would like to do:

Incoming calls:

  • If CCID corresponds to a whitelist number, ring extension(s).
    • If no answer after 5 rings, route to voice-mail or cell phone (if forwarding enabled).
  • If CCID is unknown or number is on blacklist, prompt caller to enter extension or leave a voice-mail.

Voice mail:

Outbound calls (mostly covered here):

I’ll probably add a few hacks along the way but at the moment, I’ll be splitting the FSX interface to a few analog telephones so I don’t need too many routing options. If everything works and proves reliable, then I’ll start looking at getting a few IP phones.

Some perspective on why I’d like to be able to do all this. I’m working from home 3 days a week and taking care of the kids. However, my home phone number used to be assigned to the fax machine of a long-since relocated volvo truck dealership. While I’ve managed to contact the legitimate senders for most of the errant faxes, we get about 5-20 spam faxes (with phoney/non-existant CCID info) per day and I’m tired of hearing the phone ring when these calls come in. The phone company has already changed our number once and the last number was even worse than this one.


I think you are looking at the wrong gear.

you need to get a tdm400p digium.com/en/products/hardw … gcards.php

While those cards look nice, they’re a little too pricey for me and I think an external ATA will work fine (see here). If I had a dedicated server, suitable funds, and needed room for expansion I’d probably go for a Sangoma A200.


surely, if you’re looking at Asterisk, you’re already looking at a dedicated server, more or less.

from experience, you’ll get better results from the Sangoma than any ATA. i have a SPA3000 that will not see another electron as long as i own it.