Pondering a Migration

Howdy - new here and all that.

I am currently using a hosted PBX from Packet8.net and today experienced an outage that was, to be blunt, unacceptable. I decided to look into possible options for replacing their services. A search brought me to Asterisk and some reading brought me here.

I’ve read through the forums and found a couple of answers to my questions. I also called one of the hardware providers and got some information from a very nice guy regarding what I needed to do.

Here’s what I have, hardware wise:

  • P3 866 w/512 mb of memory - This is currently my office’s router and MySQL server. It is running FreeBSD 5.3 custom built.
  • 5 Packet8 DTA310 devices with attached Astra phones.

What I’d like to do is bring back two of the copper pair lines and convert 3 of the 4 Packet8 virtual office lines back down to a barebones lines. From what I understand I would only need an interface for the two CO lines.

Now my big question is this - has anyone had any success with using the Packet8 DTA’s from Asterisk? I was told that I would not need them for the interface with Packet8 once Asterisk was in place.

Am I headed in the right direction and does anyone have any suggestions?


A little more searching found the answer to my question -


It looks like I’m in luck! My DTA can be unlocked to work with an internal Asterisk box.

My only remaining question is what I need to use to connect my asterisk box to the outside Packet8 VoIP lines.