Asterisks Problem

I have another problem that is pretty annoying but did not want to post it on my other one. I have 4 vonage buisness account lines configured into my asterisks box. I have a digitum card with 2 pot’s lines connected to it also. My whole concept on this was when we lost internet connectivity/or visa versa, our system would still function. Well this is not the case. When there is any internet loss, the whole system seems to lock up/not function.
my sip phones (polycom ip500’s) cannot even talk extension to extension. Any help on this would be great.

The only things i can suggest are:

  1. Remove all domain names from config files and replace them with IP addresses (someone recently reported Asterisk locking up on DNS timeouts). Or

  2. Upgrade to the latest CVS head version and see if that’s any better.

Also, check bug reports and if it’s not reported, report it.

My config files currently only have ip’s in them. The thing I failed to mention and I have a feeling is the root of all my problems is this.

I purchased this asterisks box from a company and from what I understand they have wrote there own software into it to give there customers a html admin interface to provision new phones along with all sorts of other options for us with no knowlege of asterisks. I have complained of my issues to them over and over again because I can not find anyone else having these same issues in these forums and I’m pretty sure it is related to there software! Anyways, I’m still plugging away @ it and hope to resolve these issues soon.