Required to enter passcode

Just starting out and I have installed AAH and I am able to connect to my asterisk server and place calls. Unfortunately, it keeps asking me to enter a pass code before placing a call.

I believe it has something to do with a call to the Authenticate function and I’ve seen it in the extensions.conf file. Unfortunately, I upgraded AMP to FReePBX and it trashed the the Maintenance tab.

I have tried removing the offending lines, but then I get is “All Circuits are busy” until I uncomment the lines again.

  1. Any ideas on where I can look to figure this out?

  2. Anyone know the direct url to get to the maintenenace page ( ???

Thanks for any help,


try upgrading to the latest freepbx, i think it put that stuff back. dunno why there was any Authenticate() call. can you edit the files directly? just ssh to the box and go to /etc/asterisk…