Scenario Help

I’m new to this, so any help is appreciated …

If I have a single analog phone line that is forwarded to a VoIP line which is then connected to Asterisk, will the analog line always remain “free” and able to “accept” calls since they are all being forwarded elsewhere? In kind, since the VoIP line is being handled by Asterisk, will it be able to accept multiple incoming calls at the same time?

Or do I even need the analog line? Can a VoIP line be my main line coming into Asterisk?

Finally, let’s say a caller hears this menu:
Press 1 for sales
Press 2 for accounting
Press 3 for circulation

When a selection is made, the call might be transferred as follows:
Option 1 calls (212) xxx-xxxx
Option 2 calls (717) xxx-xxxx
Option 3 calls (561) xxx-xxxx

Since all these calls terminate to analog lines through the PSTN, can Asterisk act as a VoIP gateway to the PSTN or would Asterisk need an additional analog line(s) for outgoing calls such as these?

  1. If your VOIP provider allows multiple calls, there no reason that Asterisk can’t handle them. It depends on your provider. If they allow mutiple calls, then Asterisk will, if they don’t, it won’t.

  2. Asterisk can be a gateway to the standard telecom network. You should get as many connection lines as you will need to support your maximum calling capacity. They can be analog or any other type of line.