Urgent : pstn->asterisk

Can someone give me some idea how this can be acheived.

I am trying to deploy asterisk calling system in an area where there are no DIDs available. They have VSAT links so the speed is not an issue and bandwidth is plenty.

How can i receive multiple calls from PSTN to my IP (asterisk) and terminate using various providers. My setup works well and i have already tested my work in the area where there is DID for all incoming calls. Now i am confused as to what hardware I require to accomplish the above. I guess somehow i need to switch the PSTN to IP but dont’ know how cause no one is providign that service.


I must be confused I thought having PTSN provide you with a DID

is equal to

PTSN -> Asterisk

Thats the incoming call… Which you said you received. I thought thats how it works, I might be wrong.

You just have to find a voip provider that can supply you DID works basically the same way as it would coneected directly to the PSTN.

List of providers here

voip-info.org/wiki/view/VOIP … s+Business

I understand that DID would solve my issue as I have already successfully implemented one with a DID. However, this one has to be without DID as there are no companies to provide that support.

I am even ready to put in some investment to establish a small system which would work with phones to IP if need be for small poort community’s sake but not sure what is required in terms of hardware.

Would anyone be able to help me put it together conceptually?


Im sorry but now im confused are you saying that you cant get a voip provider that has DID,s for your area? and there is no option for a local PSTN connection?

Hi a
Thanks for responding.
Here are bit more info that might clear-up some of the confusion. There is a telecommunication company that provides land line numbers and we have the option of taking multiple local landlines from them. There is another company that provides this 2Mbps connections to the internet. The termination providers I plan to take on are from US.

Local callers from the area somehow needs to be able to dial a number from their home/office phone that connect to my asterisk box and asterisk box equipped with high speed ADSL will use US termination providers to terminate to various other locations.

These calls will be used for raising funds from overseas organisations for poor orphaned childrens therefore needed a solution that is cost effective.

thank you.
if you want to contact me in private, please write me a PM and i’ll try to get back to you to explain it properly…

If you want PSTN -> Asterisk, basically your saying that you want regular phones POTS to call up your Asterisk Box.

So how do think they will reach you? Since you want it to be PSTN it has to be with a phone number.

Toll Free, Local, International? What number do you plan for them to call you with?

All you have to do is find a VoIP Provider that with give you a DID that qualifies for that phone number.

It doesn’t have to be a local VoIP Provider. I use www.exgn.net and I don’t know where they are located in the US. They do all US, and Toll Free numbers, so unless you want an International number, then you can use them.

I hope this helps.

thanks Diverious,

Yes I can certainly have a toll-free number or a number like 130099393. Can any VoIP provider outside that zone qualify that phone number as a DID?

If yes then the problem is solved.

thank you so much…


I find this confusing too. My understanding the need for DID deliver to an IP PBX(asterisk) is for DNIS routing, and to enable forwarding or follow-me services, also, for ingress rating and billing. Locally here, we’ve been using a lot FXO, we can get no ANI and DNIS from that channel. But we still able to provide A to Z calls, including forwarding or follow-me services.

Ok if im thinking right why not connect asterisk to your local PSTN via T1 or wahtever you need to handel the calls from local users. Then once they dial into your asterisk box you could do it kind of like a calling card service. Have them enter a pin number then asterisk could supply them dial tone and allow them to call out threw your VIOP termination