Linux Requirements


Do you have the technical articles of the Linux system configuration requirements in order to install Asterisk application? Thank you!


You can install it on just about any linux configuration.
If you want high performance, install a basic “server” install of Fedora Core 5 .

Secure/Harden it to keep it on the lock down and thats pretty much it.

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We can secure it, tune it, tweak it and then some. Well hold your hand also in configuring your asterisk.


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What brand of linux did you want to use?

Basic requirement if you want to use Asterisk with a telephone line and corresponding hardware (any of Digium cards) is a linux distro that comes with the kernel headers installed. Zaptel requires kernel headers in order to communicate with the dedicated hardware. No kernel headers, no working zaptel, consequently no POTS PBX.
On the other hand, if you use asterisk for VoIP only, you don’t need the headers. Physical network connections will carry out the load of communication instead of dedicated hardware for POTS.
Having that in mind, I picked CentOS 4.2 (RedHat clone that comes with the headers installed), although my first pick was Fedora Core 5 with which I had problems regarding kernel header installation (I unfortunately picked a Fedora that was based on a kernel with typo and needed a patch).
@Suavemente: I desperately need answer to my question posted… Am desperate to see this working…

Looking at your post, Ill see if I can figure it out.

Thank you all!

Can we install Asterisk on RedHat Linux 8 or 9 servers?

Thank you!

Of course you can, and you won’t need zaptel driver if you use it only for VoIP. However, if you are building a PBX on POTS, the you have to make sure you have kernel headers installed on your servers