I have read the documents obout aterisk.I wonder the requirements on installing asterisk besides software package. whether we can set a telephony system with Phones (hardware or software) and Linux system and a ethernet card on internet?

i won’t even try to answer your question, but just wanted to say that maybe, as english wouldn’t appear to be first language, you should post your question in your preferred language.

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I am not 100% sure what you are asking, but let me take a crack:

If you want to set up asterisk, and have incoming VOIP service, and want to use VOIP softphones or IP hardware phones, you simply need a server with a network card.

However, if you want an incoming PSTN (regular phone line) for incoming calls, and/or want to connect standard phones to your system, you will need to purchase additional hardware like the boards offered by Digium (

Does that help?

hi ,
At first i want to extend my thanks to you for your help ,meanwile i feel so sorry to exhaust you because of my not very well english.But i will try my best let you catch what i said.
I mean that whether it is true that if I only want to telephone each other with IP hardware through internet,i only need a asterisk server with network card and if i want to comunicate with PSTN user, i should have another card just like the boards offered by Digium. If it is true that i should have another card like boards offered by Digium,which replacement can be found in china market?
thanks a lot!

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