Easy to instal linux distro?

im new to linux somewhat, i know openbsd, i guess linux is alot like that.
ive never installed linux before, i read in the asterisk book that redhat is recommended.
I have redhat linux 8.0 sitting here, but its wanting me to supply drivers to the nic card or cdrom to install the packages. I dont have a diskette drive for the driver, and i dont even have the cdrom driver. I tried some that it has preinstalled without any luck.

Is thier not an easy way to do this?

I wouldn’t bother with RedHat8 anymore - it’s quite old by now.
I’ve had some good experiences with Fedora Core - the latest being FC6. The installer is a very userfriendly and simple.
If you want to use Asterisk, you can also to it on Openbsd - since you are already familiar with it. You’ll find the package in the package tree, installing it is a simple pkg_add.
Hope this helped.



You need one of the all in one packages, There are many to choos from
Trixbox being one, AsteriskNow being digiums “official” one. These will do it all for you to a point.


If you want really easy nothing beats OpenSuse. However for Asterisk i would stongly suggest Fedora Core 6 or CentOS. Be warned that with FC6 you will need to edit two files in order to get asterisk up and running when building zaptel and asterisk.