Hardware Requirements

I’m looking to install Asterisk, utilizing hosted SIP trunks. Realistically if I were to have 10 extensions, with maybe 4-5 simultaneous calls at the most, what sort of hardware requirements should I be looking at to run this? I don’t want to get some beast for no reason at all, but I also don’t want to go short and have it be a dog. Any advice would be appreciated. And a little insight on what sort of load would I expect to need to increase hardware specs, in terms of growth of call volume/system usage would be appreciated as well.

Thank You,

Brian Mosher


For that kind of usage, any old x86 system that you’ve got would be fine.

Great, Thank You. Follow up question: I’m currently running a Zentyal box. Can Asterisk be installed on that machine, or should I / do I need to have it run on its own? I’m kind of a Linux noob, so I’m learning as I go. Thanks.

This is the most amazing server ever for the price. Although you could run it on less cool hardware, you really can’t beat it. I have several customers on this hardware… big and small.


That is a great server for the price. I’m still wondering if you can/should run Asterisk on a Zentyal server, or if it should be stand alone.


No idea if Asterisk can be installed on Zentyal; not familiar with it.