Linux box + asterisk instead of voip adaptor?


now that I accidently put 220v ac on my Handytone 486 instead of the required 5v dc, I’m left with a question: that little box-ie is pretty much the same as my local linux box (router/wan port etc. etc.) except that I can’t plug an old analog phone into my linux box.

Some research shows that to be able to do that, plug an old phone into my linux box, and make that work with Asterisk, I need to buy fairly expensive hardware.

Is there anything that compares in price to a Handytone-like device (about 75 euro’s) that allows me to do this or should I just swallow my pride and buy a new Handytone?



If you are just looking for an ATA device, then either get the Handytone or save yourself the hassle and get a Sipura.

If you want the features you get from a full pbx, then you can use the ATA device with Asterisk.

If you are looking for more than just a single phone and line, you should think about either TDM cards for analog lines or TE cards for digital lines.