Sipura 3000 vs Handytone 488

Sipura 3000 vs Handytone 488

  • Sipura 3000
  • Handytone 488

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Hey all, im going to be setting up an Asterisk box at home, and play with some of the features. I have been doing some looking around and want to get an ATA, either the Sipura 3000 or the Handytone 488 (bit cheaper to get here). Has anyone had a play with both devices and can tell me what they think the upsides / downsides to both devices are. Also off topic, but Im going to trade my P910i in to get a HTC Wizard, Im hoping to use the wifi to make it into a moblie line back to my Asterisk box, any links for anything like that? (HTC Wizard runs MS Pocket PC OS 5 and has Wifi, I took the Idea from the Hitachi IP5000 but want the PDA / GSM aswell in the same device)

I have try to use both units. And I found some major problems with the HT-488.

  1. Incoming calls are forced to a fixed extension which must be numberic (can’t use ‘s’)
  2. I was never able to get outgoing calls to work correctly.
  3. Grandstream tech support is one of the worst I have ever dealt with. They do not seem to know anything about Asterisk. The only way to get in touch with them is via E-mail and each time they took over a week to get back to me insstead of the 72 hours they claim.

As for the Sipura 3000, I’m using it without too much problems. There are some instructions in this forum and others which will help set it up. The real key is you must use a default ‘dial plan’ to force the call to an extension (but it can be ‘s’ or any extension), and you must have a dial plan on the unit which will match the outgoing phone numbers. Otherwise it is not hard to set-up.

I am having an issue where I am able to display the CallerIDName but not the CallerIDNum. I get both in the logs but I can’t seem to display the number. And LookUPBlacklist() was not being passed the number. I have found a partisal work around using DBget() and GoToIf().

I will suggest you get the Sipura 3000 and not the Ht-488.

Thanks for your comments, these back up some of the same things I have heard about the 488 elsewhere. Anyone else got any experiance? I have heard about problems with the SPA 3000 aswell, but at the moment there seems to be less wrong with the 3000 than the 488 :wink: