Hardware recommendation under unix

ok here’s what I’m trying to do.

I currently don’t have home phone service but I would like to sign up for a voip service that allows me to make outgoing calls to regular/mobile phones and allows me to receive calls. I have 2 PCs at home and both are running gentoo linux. I don’t have any windows boxes so I can’t use any hardware that doesn’t have a unix driver. what I would like to do is get a card that will allow me to hook up my regular 900mhz cordless phones (analog phones) to make and receive calls. any recommendations on hardware? Also would I be able to see caller-id information on my phone if it is hooked up in this way? Will I be able to dial out using the number pad on the phone or will I have to dial out using a soft phone? any recommendations on voip providers?

sorry for all the questions… I am extremely new at this 8)

What you are wanting is an ATA device look here
voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … e+Adapters

[quote=“rusty”]What you are wanting is an ATA device look here
voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … e+Adapters[/quote]

thanks for the reply… I noticed the ATAs have one jack for a regular phone and one for an ethernet cable so I assume these devices become their own “device” on the network. This will not work for me because my router is in the basement and I don’t want to put the charger or base station in the basement and have to keep going down there to charge the phone. Ideally I’d like a card that would allow me to use caller-id and the number pad of the analog phone that I could just plug into a PCI slot. Does such a thing exist?

Well with a little wiring you wouldnt have to you could run cat 5 upstairs or just a plane old telepohne line and a wall jack. If you already have a telephone wire down stairs you could just tie into it.

If your setting up an asterisk box you could use a digium card its a pci card that would allow you to connect either a pots line to it or a telephone to it heres a link
digium.com/index.php?menu=pr … ct=TDM400P

I think a asterisk box would be a little over kill for a voip solution for a home phone. I think most voip providers will supply you with the an ATA device but cant really say for sure. Some are bring your own device

rusty thanks again for the reply :smiley:

currently my house has one phone line :frowning:… in the kitchen. I don’t really want a phone in there and that would mean setting up a server in the basement and tapping into the line. The reason I want to setup an asterisk server is mainly just for learning purposes. I agree it’s totally overkill but if I learn something from it then… mission accomplished!! I plan on going with broadvoice as a VOIP provider and the BYOD plan…

here is my next question. I’ve noticed people selling authentic digium x100p cards on ebay. would this work as a device I could use to hook up to an analog phone? It seems like people are using them to connect their land line to the computer to interface with the asterisk server but what about just connecting a phone that is not connected to a phone line?

I beleive the card is an FXO device wich means its for connecteing to a pots line what you need is an FXS card wich is made for connecting to a telephone. There is a difference see here


Digium now makes a card that will do either fxo or fxs it has different moduels fo each that plug into the card see here

digium.com/index.php?menu=pr … ct=TDM400P