Library Calling System


I work for a library who is working more and more if Open Source software to replace proprietary applications. We are trying to see if we can find a replacement for our Calling System, which dials patrons # when they have a hold to pickup.

Currently the system imports data from a MS Access database which is built from a script that parses data from our library automation system. I mention this because we can manipulate the data to fit almost any needs of any Calling System.

I guess my question is can Asterisk be setup for such a job, and can anyone point me to the resources/project with some information?


with asterisk, outoing calls can be created by dropping text files in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing with the necessary info to connect the call.
it will require some custom coding to do, but
here’s a link to some work that that someone did (not me) on … er+message