What module/addon?

I need something like this:
asterisk with database of phone numbers and an addon(module whatever) which will dial the number from database on an availble sip trunk (for example 10 concurrent calls) - after the call in answered - play the selected WAV or MP3 file, and write in database status of the call (answered/unanswered) and everything should have some sort of scheduler so this would work between 9:00 and 16:00 mon-fri.
Is there something like this ready to use or should I improvise?

I do not believe that Asterisk will do this by itself. Asterisk can handle placeing a call and play a message to the callee. You’ll probably have to program the rest.


dan is right - what you would need to do is set up a system in whatever language you are comforatable with (i would personally do PHP w/cron, as that is what i know). it would need to do the following:

  1. query asterisk for the number of active calls, using the manager interface.
  2. pull the next number to be called, along with any other pertinent information, from your database. this code is what you would need to write.
  3. initiate calls, again using the manager interface.
  4. playback your messages upon call answer - this would be done in the dialplan.

all in all, it’s not very difficult, and once you have the framework written, you can easily expand this to do much, much more.

everything you need in regards to connecting to the manager interface here: