Just what am I getting myself into

I have a rather nice VPS that is idling doing nothing atm.

I would like to install asterisk PBX perhaps on it, currently running cent os 5.3 64bit.

Is there some decent documentation for installation on a VPS?
my VPS spec’s are 2048 ram 4 gigs burstable
5 mb unmetered i can usually pulll 2.5-3.4mbps down and half that up on a bad a day. Thanks guys for dealing with another noobie poster.

However I have been looking for quite some time before posting. It looks like I may be able to use voip-info.org/wiki/view/Cent … stallation

This is encountering some issues however before I persue this.

I wanted to know with 5 users on this PBX with a light call load how much bandwidth does this system utilize. Will it even function well on a VPS or even a high end VPS would struggle? How much of a pain since the standard practice appears to be dedicated install is it going to be for a VPS? I am donating my time to this user and am not receiving moneys which is why I am trying to find out what all he is asking for.

You need less then 100 Kbits/sec per call if you use codec without compression - may be something like 80 - 90 Kbits/s
If you want 5 simultaneous calls - this mean less then 0.5 Mbits.
You could use codecs with compression - like GSM - and it will decrease to half or little more.
Pure voice on uncompressed codec is 64 Kbits, but you have headers and other things - pure GSM - 13.3 - but headers are same.

oh that isnt nearly as bad as i thought, what about running on a VPS? Is this frowned upon and a pain to setup?

Never worked with VPS.
But - 1 Pentium 4 3 GHz can handle up to 30 - 40 simultaneous calls without codec conversion - meaning 5 simultaneous calls should not load any server too much, especially if you use mainly codecs without compression. By the way - there are tables which show how heavy is codec conversion between different codecs.

okay so I definitely have the hardware that is capable of this now it is just a matter of finding the right how-to for installation on a VPS.

*edit to say thanks

Appreciate all the current responses, the user that I am being asked to set this up for was originally looking into 3cx. I explained being a very small business, it would make more since to take the time to learn an open source one. Asterisk was immediately suggested to me and thus brought me here.

I have, just for trying and testing, run Asterisk on a Linode vps and it was working fine. Zaptel or Dahdi will not work so if you plan to do conferencing or other stuff that needs a proper timer you will have to go for iron. If you just need an old fashioned pbx for a team of 5 persons receiving phonecalls now and then you could even run it on a Nokia 700 (the internet tablet). I have done that for presentations and 3 concurrent calls with uncompressed codec like ulaw or alaw was working fine.